Corporate teambuilding

Would culinary teambuilding, rental of a beautiful facility, or cooking at a location of your choice be something you would be interested in for your corporate event? Then you are in the right place. A corporate event in Prague organised by the Chefparade Cooking School is not something you ever forget.

Culinary teambuilding

Cooking together beautifully complements personal development and team building. Preparing and enjoying excellent food will provide you and your co-workers or business partners a unique experience. Get to know your colleagues outside of the office. Break all the ice in attractive aprons and wooden spoon in hand.


Culinary events at your company

In addition to events in our studios, we can also bring our culinary team building straight to you, either at your facility or another location, even outside. We will take care of all the equipment and necessary ingredients for cooking. Write us about what you have in mind and we will take care of all the details.

Studio rental

Would you like to rent a beautiful space for your training session, press conference, private event, photo shoot or simply to cook? Let us know about your plans.
Petra  will be happy to advise you and prepare an offer to meet your needs. Her e-mail adress is

  • Duration : By agreement
  • Number of participants: 5 - 120

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How it works

We can organise culinary team building in our studio for 5 – 100 persons, if we travel to you or arrange an outdoor event capacity is unlimited. Once you have been welcomed and given cooking and safety instructions, we divide the entire group into teams of about 5 participants. Each team is given 1 recipe and all the ingredients will be prepared for you. It is also possible to think up other ways of cooking together. The entire menu is designed to be easy to prepare so that it can be managed without difficulty by all participants. The preparation of 1 dish will take a team 60-80 minutes.

Menu selection

We have prepared a list of unique dishes from all over the world that you can peruse below. For culinary team building we recommend choosing a mix of international cuisines, but it is also possible to focus on just one type of dish or country. Would you be interested in sushi, steaks or a summer barbecue on the terrace? No problem! Fantasy knows no limits. We would be happy to advise you with menu selection and the entire event.



To liven up the evening we can also prepare various contests and games. Do you dare to identify spices by smell, sort legumes with chopsticks or play our favorite Masterchef game? The winning team will get special culinary gifts that we will be glad to provide.


Chefparade in Holešovice has two state-of-the-art kitchen studios with a bar. The studios can be divided into two separate spaces or combined to create a large space measuring 330 m2 that can accommodate over 120 people. In the summer we would like to invite you to our terrace, where we barbecue and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Chefparade in Žižkov – Husitská 56 has two cozy studios that make you feel right at home and can bring together any group! Both studios are suitable for 10 – 20 people or can be combined into one large space. To ensure an enjoyable experience for all, we have limited maximum capacity to 30.

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