Gift vouchers for cooking courses

A voucher for a cooking course for your friend, partner, parent or business partner is the best gift you can give. With the voucher, you offer an unforgettable experience, a great time and new culinary skills and this can get even better if you do it together!

We offer
two types of vouchers

Gift vouchers for adults 
2990 CZK

The best gift for your wife, boyfriend, mother or a friend. No matter if they are just beginners in the kitchen, experienced home cooks or more like professional chefs just about to open their restaurant or a cafe, they will for sure find a course that will make them lick their fingers and sharpen their knives!

Gift voucher for kids
1590 CZK

Show your kids that cooking can be fun without a messy kitchen at home and under the eye of a professional chef. Kids, just like adults, start with the preparation of ingredients, followed by cooking and the best part - eating! Lots of laughter, fun, and satisfaction as well as some cold beverages are also included.

Buy 3, get 1 for free

Cooking together is fun! Order 4 gift vouchers, use the code '3+1' in the discount code box, and get the 4th voucher for free! This is the best option if you are looking for a gift for the whole family, a bunch of friends, your employees or business partners or if you are organising a hen or stag party.

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CZK 1,590
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CZK 2,990
Prodlužte si kurz o noc a bohatou snídani.
CZK 1,490
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CZK 329
<Enter product description>
CZK 300
Chápeme, že chcete vidět vašeho malého kuchaříka v akci :-) První doprovod je zdarma. Pokud se chcete kuchařské show vašeho dítka účastnit oba rodiče, nebo třeba babička, toto je ten správný produkt pro Vás. Vložte ho do košíku při nákupu kurzu a jen nám do poznámky při objednávce napište, že Vaše dítko bude mít jednoho diváka navíc :-)
CZK 500
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CZK 85
Každý malý šéfkuchař si ji zamiluje a maminkám ulehčí s kupou prádla. Celková délka zástěry je 65 cm a popruh za krk. Složení: 100% bavlna
CZK 299
Nestihli jste si dárkový poukaz proměnit na kurz? Vůbec nevadí. I když máme roční platnost, může se stát, že poukaz upadne v zapomnění. Rádi Vám platnost poukazu prodloužíme o dalších 6 měsíců za mírný administrativní poplatek. Budete mít čas se v klidu rozmyslet, na jaký z našich skvělých kurzů poukaz využijete.
CZK 500
<Enter product description>
CZK 11,990
V současnosti nejsou vypsány termíny
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CZK 11,990

Why make a gift with us?


15 years of experience, over 50 courses to choose from, best chefs, relaxed atmosphere, lots of fun.


Our vouchers are open. You can choose when and which cooking course to take, and the selection is enormous!


They are transferable - if the recipient doesn't have time to do it, he or she can give it as a gift to somebody else.

Long validation

The voucher is valid for 6 months, with the possibility of prolonging it for further 6 months

Culinary Gift Vouchers
How it works

When was the last time you put a big smile on someone’s face and made them happy? Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones or co-workers isn’t rocket science with our vouchers. As the vouchers are not for a specific cooking class or even a specified person, the recipient can choose from a wide variety of cooking classes that we offer, choose a date that best suits him or even give the voucher away to his friend or partner.

Our gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase so there is plenty of time to take part in the course. Before the expiration date, the validity of the voucher can be extended for further 6 months. Still - just like with food - it's better to have it when it's still fresh and warm but if necessary you can prolong it for a fee of 500 CZK. Please note that once a gift voucher has expired it cannot be extended, so keep track of the expiration date. You can't do much with the overcooked steak, right?

Once the recipient chooses his course and attends it, the magic happens and with the voucher, he gets all that's included in the regular course - the instructions given by a professional chef, the ingredients needed to cook the dishes from the course menu, useful cooking tips, new culinary skills, friendly atmosphere and some good wine or other drinks to compliment the tasting experience. Sounds delicious? And that's how it is!

Quality and tradition
since 2007 on the Czech market

A unique experience
a combination of flavors, aromas and pleasant company

Experienced chefs
with foreign experience

More than 50 courses
European and world cuisine