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Chefparade cooking school support these non-profit projects:

APPA = Adeli Foundation for Disabled Children

The primary mission of the association is to help Czech patients get funding for rehabilitation at the ADELI Medical Center. All money raised goes to support patients.

Cerebrum – Association for the brain injured and their families

The primary mission of CEREBRUM is to help those who have suffered brain injuries and their families through subsequent rehabilitation, counseling, and the provision of information and support services.

Food Revolution Day

We support Food Revolution Day – a non-profit event started by Jamie Oliver in Great Britain that we hold annually to increase public awareness of the need for children to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Nízkoprahový klub Husita

Husitské centrum o.p.s. operates the Nízkoprahový klub Husita social service. The mission of NPK Husita is to help children from socially disadvantaged areas of Prague 3 and surrounding areas. We offer a safe space, basic counseling, support and meaningful leisure time activities.

Jako doma – Homelike, o.p.s.

Like Home is a non-profit organisation that works with homeless women based on the principles of partnership and participation, empowerment, and the creation of a safe environment.

Mamma HELP, z.s.

Mamma HELP is the largest female patient organisation in the CR that has cared for women with breast cancer since 1999.
Recently, major areas of focus include healthy nutrition and diet for cancer patients. A successful project titled “Holky, už mi zase chutná” (Girls, I’ve got my appetite back) is now in its second year, thanks in part to support and collaboration with Chefparade.


PROUD is a Czech non-profit organisation focusing on lobbying, legislative changes and public awareness with respect to the LGBT community.

Polívková smršť (Soup Whirlwind)

The Polívková smršť gourmet benefit event combines a culinary experience with charity as delicious soups raise money for ERGO Aktiv, an organisation that provides effective rehabilitation primarily to young people who have suffered cerebral trauma and head injuries.

Wine for Help

The Wine for Help Foundation supports families of children stricken with fatal mucopolysaccharidosis.

Zdravá pětka

Zdravá 5 (Healthy 5) is a unique republic-wide educational program for pre-school and elementary schools focused on a healthy lifestyle, especially a proper diet.

Zajíček na koni o.p.s.

Zajíček na koni (Bunny on a Horse) is an organisation that for twenty years has been helping children and adults with physical, mental and socio-cultural handicaps. It runs three main programs – one of this is Project Kavárna – Employment for People with Disabilities. At the present time, Café AdAstra employs over 25 people with handicaps.

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