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Cooking courses

1. How long do the cooking classes usually last?

We don't set the timer. Cooking requires time. It's not a race. Therefore our classes last as long as it takes to bring the dishes to perfection and eat the food you have prepared slowly and with relish, which usually takes 3 – 3.5 hours.

2. Do I need to bring anything with me?

You don’t need to bring anything at all apart from positive attitude and good mood. We will provide you with all the ingredients, aprons, and equipment. If you would like to bring home a sample of your creations, you can bring your own container or use our polystyrene boxes. You don’t even need to bring a notebook. We will e-mail you all the recipes after the cooking class is over.

If you have received a gift voucher, please present it to the chef at the beginning of the class.

3. Does the price also include all the ingredients?

Yes, we provide you with all the high-quality ingredients needed for your class.

4. Does the price also include drinks?

Sure! Drinks are included in the price. We offer non-alcoholic drinks, bottled beer, wine by the glasses, coffee or tea.

5. How many people are in a class?

Each cooking class requires a minimum of 5 participants. The maximum number is 12 participants.

6. Can I bring someone with me to the class?

Cooking is best when done in a group of friends or together with your loved ones and that's why couples very often enrol for a course together. If it's only you who are taking the course, due to limited space, it is unfortunately not possible to bring anyone with you. In the case of children’s cooking classes, a single adult can accompany the child. If both parents would like to see how their child is doing, there is a 250 CZK charge for the second adult.

7. Can I cancel or reschedule the class?

Yes, but you must do so at least 3 working days in advance to avoid charges. After that, cancellation fees apply as specified in our terms and conditions.

8. Is it possible to buy the Chefparade ingredients that we used in the class?

Of course. You can buy them in our shop or order everything online at www.chefshop.cz.

9. Is it possible to arrange a private cooking class?

Yes. Apart from regular cooking courses we also offer private culinary events (one-to-one cooking classes, birthdays, hen or stag parties, family events, etc.). Please see more here or fill in the form so that we can contact you and discuss the details.

10. Is there parking available in front of the studio?

You can park in Holešovice right in front of the studio. We provide free parking passes for our participants (they are not required when entering the parking lot). In other cases the first hour is free and each additional hour is 40 CZK.

Gift vouchers 

1. Is it possible to write something on the voucher?

Yes, there is a place for you to write a personal message or dedication by hand. Unfortunately, there is no option to print anything on the voucher.

2. Are the cooking vouchers designated for specific classes?

No, they are open. The recipient can choose which cooking course she or he would like to attend, by contacting us before in order to enrol for the class. Please bring the voucher to the course and present it to the chef at the beginning of the class.

3. How long is the voucher valid for? Can it be extended for a longer period of time?

Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months. If for some reason, you are not able to attend the course during that time, please contact us before the voucher expires and we will help you extend its validity. The validity of a gift voucher can be extended by another 6 months for a fee of 500 CZK. Once a gift voucher has expired, it cannot be extended.

4. It is possible to withdraw from the purchase of a gift voucher?

Yes, if the voucher has not been used, it is possible to withdraw from the purchase. If you want to ​use this option, please fill out this form and​ send it to the e-mail address rezervace@chefparade.cz within 14 days from the issuance of the voucher.

Corporate team-building events

1. How does company team-building work?

Guests meet in the studio or at the farm. After the chefs introduce themselves and explain what will take place during the evening, the guests are divided into teams. They cook the dishes that were selected from the menu and once all the dishes are prepared, everyone eats together followed by some free time for additional entertainment like culinary quizzes and games. Please read more here.

2. How many people are there in one team?

That depends on how big the entire group is, but the minimum number of people on a single team is 4.

3. For how large groups are the team-building events in Chefshop designed for?

Our cooking school has a studio in Holešovice where we are able to prepare events for up to 100 people. Farm Chefparade capacity is  150 people.

4. Will there be enough food?



Of course! Nobody will leave our culinary team-building event with an empty stomach! The total amount of food prepared by the teams can be compared to a standard corporate lunch or dinner.

5. How many dishes are prepared by a single group?

Each team prepares one dish from the selected menu and they bring it to perfection!

6. How is payment made?

A day after the event we send billing for you to approve and fill in your billing information. Then we issue an invoice payable within 14 days.

7. Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, you can pay with a card, but you must let us know in advance and agree to the total amount.

8. Can we bring our own drinks?

Since we offer drinks at the Chefparade studio we do not permit guests to bring their own beverages. We offer a wide assortment of non-alcoholic drinks as well as wine for reasonable prices. We also offer bottled beer, prosecco, coffee and tea. However, you are permitted to bring your own wine but with a corking charge of 100 CZK/bottle.


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