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Would you like to make your children happy and give them an experience they won’t soon forget? Are you looking for a way to make their birthday party extra special this year? Or perhaps you know that they love to cook and would take any tips from a great chef straight to heart?

We have cooking classes for all kids that they enjoy from start to finish. They will spend all morning or afternoon in a pleasant atmosphere, and all the treats that they prepare themselves or that we prepare for them will be scrumptious!

What kind of cooking classes do we have for kids?

What kind of cooking class for kids would it be without a little kitchen craziness, laughter, and messy aprons? At our cooking classes kids become little chefs, learn something new and have tons of fun. Leaving with a full tummy is just a pleasant bonus and you won’t have to worry about who is going to clean up that mess in the kitchen, we will take care of it.

We also arrange everything you need for children’s birthday parties, special events like cupcake or chocolate parties, St. Nicholas parties, Halloween parties, children’s sushi parties… you name it. And if you have an idea for something we haven’t ever done, let us know! We will be happy to make it happen.

Sabina will be happy to send you all information you need – Let her know what entertainment you are interested in.

  • Duration : 3 - 4 hours
  • Number of participants: 1 - 120

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How it works
Menu selection
Price list
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Children are welcomed to the party at the Chefparade studio by our congenial and experienced chef. After introduction and an explanation of what will take place at the party, the children get to work. The children themselves will prepare a simple menu of two dishes with assistance from the chef, and then they will enjoy it together. The menu could even include a birthday cake, naturally subject to the unbridled fantasy and creativity of the children.

If time allows, the children can also play games with their friends, have something pretty painted on their faces, watch a balloon show or magic show, or be surprised by a giant Transformer, Princess Elsa and Olaf, or a Minion show. See our additional entertainment and extras.

If you would like to attend the party, we will be happy to prepare some adult refreshments and drinks for you.

After the party your youngsters will receive the recipes that they learned to cook with us, so that they can continue their culinary art at home.


  • 3-course meal
  • space rental for 3 hours
  • chef
  • hostess
  • ingredients
  • recipes distribution
  • games + decoration
  • cleaning

10 900 CZK


  • chocolate fountain 1 500 CZK
  • cotton candy 1 000 CZK
  • champagne for kids 99 CZK/bottle
  • souvenirs: apron 199 CZK, hat 199 CZK, wooden spoon 59 CZK, certificate 20 CZK
  • face painting + balloon show 2 790 CZK
  • caricaturist 3 000 CZK/1 hour
  • magician 5 500 CZK/30-45 mins


  • fresh delicacies – artichokes, olives, dry tomatoes, French patés, baguettes 500 CZK (5 pax)
  • bowl of fruits 400 CZK (5 pax)
  • veggie bowl 400 CZK (5 pax)


  • Pirates
  • Frozen
  • Madagascar
  • Spongebob
  • Minions

1 000 Kč

Menu selection

We have prepared a special kid’s menu of favorite foods. For the party you will select two main courses and one dessert. If you have a different favorite that is not on the menu that they would like to prepare, just let us know.

Dessert preparation usually involves making a birthday cake. We prepare the body of the cake and let the children’s decorative fantasy run wild. Of course, it is possible to bring your own cake, in which case a different dessert from our menu is prepared.


Additional entertainment and extras

Refreshments in addition to children’s cooking:

  • Kid’s champagne – 99 CZK / bottle
  • Fruit bowl – 400 CZK
  • Chocolate fountain with fruit – 1.500 CZK / celebration
  • Refreshments for parents – by arrangement
    • for 500 CZK: French pâté, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, olives
    • for 400 CZK: chips, nuts, nachos, popcorn
    • for 400 CZK: vegetables with dip

Additional entertainment

  • Balloon show & Balloon workshop – Children can try their hand at making balloon animals by following the simple instructions of the balloon artist.
  • Magician – Children will help the magician perform his magic as they are directly involved in a magic show full of fun and surprises,
  • Caricaturist – Creates humorous caricatures for children and adults
  • Cotton candy workshop – A genuine cotton candy stand will be at the party and children will learn how to make cotton candy along with some interesting facts about it.
  • Face painting – Each child can choose their favorite hero to be painted on their face.
  • Minion show – Dance performance, minion contest, photos in a minion photo frame…
  • Giant Transformer – Dance performance, the giant can bring in the cake and be the focus of the entire party.
  • Frozen – Princess Elsa, Olaf, contests, photo frame and props from the Ice Kingdom.

Kamila will be happy to send you the prices for additional entertainment – Let her know what entertainment you are interested in.

Games and contests
Before the party we will agree on which games and prizes for the winners we should prepare.

  • Blind Nutella feeding – Two children are blindfolded, one is given a spoon with Nutella and tries to get the spoon in the other child’s mouth.
  • Cinderella – Each team gets spices and beans and has to sort them as quickly as possible.
  • Recipe quiz – Children attempt to name as many ingredients as possible that were used in the recipe.
  • Culinary quiz – The chef asks the children various questions about food, such as for example, name three types of fruit that grow on trees, what vegetable is ketchup made from, etc.
  • Whipping egg whites – Each competitor must whip egg whites so that they are stiff enough to stay in the bowl when turned upside down over their head.
  • Peeling contest – Each competitor has to peel a potato, for example, the longest peel wins.
  • Spoon race – Each team picks one racer who must hold a spoon with an olive in his/her mouth and make it around the designated track as fast as possible without dropping the olive.

For prizes we can provide children’s chef hats (199 CZK each), cooking aprons (199 CZK each) or wooden spoons (75 CZK each).

Price list

Basic package for a group of 1 – 10 children, 10,900 CZK
Price includes:

  • preparation and rent of Chefparade studio (3 hours)
  • 1 chef (1 additional assistant for groups of 12 or more children)
  • hostess
  • all ingredients and equipment needed to cook, including loan of Chefparade aprons
  • birthday decorations (candles on the cake, balloons and streamers on the ceiling)
  • clean up after the party
  • after the event we will also send all recipes that the children can prepare again at home

The price DOES NOT include drinks. At the studio you can purchase water, non-alcoholic drinks – juices and cola for 30 CZK, coffee or tea for 30 CZK.

Each additional child over a group of 10 children costs 690 CZK.

Party with no boundaries!
Our favourite party! The package includes the basic package + custom theme decorations, 10 x children’s aprons that children can take home, 3 x bottles of kid’s champagne, bowl of fruits, 10 x children’s culinary diplomas and hostess. The price is 12 900 CZK.

Mini sushi course
You can also add a mini sushi course to the basic package – 2,500 CZK for 10 kids (recommended for children over 8 years of age).

Studio rental
Parties at our studio last 3 hours, if you would like to stay longer, we will add studio rental to the price of the party – 1,500 CZK for each additional hour begun.


Chefparade in Holešovice has two state-of-the-art kitchen studios with a bar. The studios can be divided into two separate spaces or combined to create a large space measuring 330 m2 that can accommodate over 120 people. In the summer we would like to invite you to our terrace, where we barbecue and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Chefparade in Žižkov – Husitská 56 has two cozy studios that make you feel right at home and can bring together any group! Both studios are suitable for 10 – 20 people or can be combined into one large space. To ensure an enjoyable experience for all, we have limited maximum capacity to 30.

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