Asia and exotic lands

Do you love travelogues and secretly envy the locals for their traditional specialties that you would hardly be able to prepare at home? Well then come with us on exciting adventures to exotic lands. We have the best guides for Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, India, Japan and more. You can even catch our culinary trips in the evenings after work, just pick where you want to go this time. Are you tempted by a tasty fresh mango cocktail, Indian chana masala, Mexican empanadas or Thai Tom Yum soup? Come to our cooking school where we will teach you how to make these treasures from afar.

Would you like to prepare all those wonderful dishes you learned to make in classes at home but you’re not sure where to get the necessary ingredients? Take a look in our shop, which specializes in Asian and exotic foods.

Mexico is a whirlwind of colors and excitement, and Mexican cuisine is no different. Beans, corn, chili peppers, guacamole, churros or empanadas – it’s all waiting for you in our Mexican cooking class! Experience the diverse palette of Mexican flavors and spice things up with chili peppers, which will certainly not be neglected.

Cena Price: from 1 790 CZK
Doba trvání Duration : 3 - 3,5 hours


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