European cuisine

Have you fallen in love with some local specialty on a trip somewhere in Europe, have a secret craving and just can’t wait to go back?  Come with us to discover new tastes and favorite foods from European countries. You can even join us on our gourmet expeditions in the evenings after work. Once you step into our kitchen you can indulge in saffron risotto with goat cheese like the kind served at the Roman colosseum or have mousse au chocolat for dessert just like at the Eiffel Tower.

And if you come home from your travels empty handed because there was no room in your luggage, you can always get delicacies from Italy and France in our shop.

No learning simply falls from heaven, and competing with your mother’s beef tenderloin or grandmother’s apple strudel is no easy task for anyone. Our chefs have prepared for you the most traditional recipes of Czech cuisine that perhaps every good homemaker and cook should know. And your mother and grandmother will be proud of you.

Cena Price: from 1 790 CZK
Doba trvání Duration : 3 - 3,5 hours


Cooking course for Expats – Czech Cuisine

Cooking course for Expats – Czech Cuisine

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