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What is the Live cooking show?
During the cooking show you watch and listen to our Chef, who prepares Czech dishes of your choice and afterwards you eat the outcome. Of course, you can assist and help anytime you want.
Is the course hands-on?
It´s your choice. Our chef will prepare all of the dishes for you. However, you are welcome to help and assist him.
What is the length of the course?
Live cooking demonstration takes about 2 hours, depending on the choice of the dishes.
Can we choose the dishes we like?
Yes, you can choose from our suggested menu, or you can ask for your own dishes you have always wanted to try.
Is there a course for vegetarian?
Yes, of course. Recipes are very versatile; they can be adapted and prepared to accommodate vegetarian and non-meat eaters, too.
Do we have to bring anything to the class?
Not at all. All you need to take with you is good mood! Watch, ask, learn and experience Live cooking show.
Is there a course every day?
Yes, we can hold courses every day, but it is necessary to make an appointment viainquiry form, e-mail (dominika@chefparade.cz) or a phone (+420-734-157-911). Please contact us in advance to make sure, that our cooking studios are available.


Join "Eat with Locals" and explore the Czech gastronomical scene and the culture from the local’s point of view through its food walking tours. You will visit restaurants and eateries that are popular among Prague residents and experience the authentic local cuisine.