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Chefparade cooking school chefs

Ondřej Vykusa

With his traveler's passion and love for cooking has traveled much of the world. He graduated at culinary school in the Czech Republic, then stayed on seasonal work in New York during his studies. Also worked at several excellent restaurants in Prague and after years built a successful career in restaurants and hotels in the Cayman Islands, where in addition to permanent employment also worked as Chef at the residence of external governor for three years. Currently teaches at private and regular cooking courses organized by our Chefparade.

Lukáš Neckář

Cooking was a hobby of his childhood and same is the case even today. His professional career started at the Corinthia Towers hotel. After graduation he spent two years in France in Provence at Le Colombier. In Prague he focused on French cuisine at La Scene restaurant. His knowledge and interrest also brought him to the Duplex restaurant and Barock company where only work the real masters of Asian cuisine . Now he works as sushi Chef at Sushitime company. At Chefparade passes his knowledge at many courses. Lukáš speaks french.
Příští kurz s tímto kuchařem

Únor 5. | 11:00Dětský kurz s recepty Jamie Olivera

Michal Suchánek

Chef Michal already traveled to Italy as a student. Fell in love with traditional italian cuisine and it is still his favorite discipline. During his career he also cooked at Bistrot de Marlene Perle de Prague and Café Coloniale. Also owned and operated a small French restaurant in Brno – moravian metropolis. Today he deals gastronomic advice and lessons of Mexican cuisine. Michal enjoys working with people a lot, he is open-minded, and very kind person. You can meet him at many Chefparade cooking courses. He speaks fluently english, french and italian.
Příští kurz s tímto kuchařem

Leden 21. | 11:00Steaky I. z argentinské svíčkové

Vladimír Palička

A native of Wallachia, graduated at hotel school in Ostrava, also graduated Culinary Academy and is adjucated at the bartender and sommelier discipline as well. Tried focusing on French, Italian and Czech cuisine, steaks , fish and pastries too. The main culinary disciplines for him are French and old Bohemian cuisines. In the long term he also abroad , mainly in Ireland and the Middle East countries. You can meet him at the Chefparade regular cooking lessons, cooking with tourists and courses for children. Vladimír speaks english and russian.

Gabriel Brincko

Vystudoval gastronomickou školu na Slovensku v Prešově. Po ukončení studia začala jeho 12ti letá gastronomická pouť po Evropě. Z Německa ho toulavé boty zavedly do Řecka, Švýcarska, Holandska, Španělska a na Kypr. Pracoval pod vedením skvělých šéfkuchařů a na své poslední zastávce na Kypru si pak splnil svůj sen a stal se šéfkuchařem v mexické restauraci. Po návratu do Prahy působil jako zástupce šéfkuchaře v hotelu Park Holiday a momentálně působí jako šéfkuchař hotelu Akcent. V Chefparade se s ním můžete setkat na kurzech vaření i firemních akcích.